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Diego Ferrari & Cocktail Art

Diego Ferrari


Mixologist, Author of the World Prized Book “Low Alcohol Cocktails-New Frontier in Mixology “ and Creator of the famous group of Facebook Cocktail Art, the largest photo group of the world’s cocktails, discovering a natural talent in marketing through social networks, where today thousands of bartenders follow him around the world. Thanks to the many requests in October 2015 He created and begin his new Tour. Cocktail Art & Max 21% abv, The Cocktail “Under” a Different Point of View bringing him in different places around the world talking about his particular experience and doing taste its maximum 21% abv cocktails. 

Drink International mentioned him the #72 in the ranking of the 100 World Most Influential Person in the bar industry.

Currently Rum Barista for Matusalem.


The Guardian, GQ, Il Cittadino, Il Giorno, Bargiornale, Barbusinnes, Fuoricasa, Gente, Vanity Fair, Horeca magazine, Il terrazzo, La Provincia, Lodi e Dintorni, Dario Comini’s book “ Barchef and Molecular mixology” & "Mix and Drink", Remy Martin books, and moore,  Locali Top, Cosmopolitan, Mixer,Class magazine Uk, The mixing star book,Guida al Piacere e Divertimento dal 2007 al 2013 and from the 25 top Italian bartenders in the same book,“Un tuffo nel piacere” book edit to Rg, La Stampa, Gambero Rosso, and than on air Radio Lodi, Radio 24, Radio Bar,, milanodabere, TV Channel Gambero Rosso, Cocktail Lovers, Class, Drink International, and moore.....

Cocktail Art

Rules of the Group Cocktail art

For those who love the world of Cocktails and sees in it an art form. Send photos of your drink or artistic representations of them: photos, pictures, tattoo,artistic photos, extravagant decorations, crazy techniques, containers amazing!

  •  No post advertising courses or competitions
  •  No Selfie
  •  No pictures of just books or Brands
  •  No job listings
  • And most important rule......
  • No rudeness,criticism, discussions and insults!!!!!!!
  • Who does not respect these simple rules will be excluded from the Group permanently


History of a New Limit

I Been for 5 years the barmanager of this amazing and incredible place.

The Rotonda Bistro is located within the Besana Milan, a former cimitery of 1700 were was buried for centuries over 150.000 Christians.

In the passing of the centuries became the Besana from Cemetery memorial chapel, a barracks, a clinic and only in recent years the city of Milan's restored the entire properly.

in 2014 within the Besana comes Muba, the museum of the child, along with the Rotonda Bistro. Thanks to a service limit established by the museum with imposes the use of bottles alcoholic not exceeding 21% abv and I had to upset the rules of cocktail to get the drink completely unique.

The absence of spirits like rum, vodka, whiskeys, gin, led us to discovery of a new world.

This particular limitation has intrigued many people including customers, Bartenders, media, and we are pleased to surprise them with our drinks

Another curiosity....many of our drinks are called and recall the history of Besana as the Famedio, Besanino, Cavedio, Ionicis, Pantheon.

Cocktail Art

I created cocktail art in 2013 for sharing photos of cocktail between colleagues around the world.

Once created the group became immediate feedback.

Bartender colleagues from around the world have begun to share their artistic images of cocktail art, tattoos, drawings, paintings and poems.

From about 180 countries worldwide and 24h-24h share their works of art in respect of the profession. The group currently sees over 15.000 colleagues bartender and over 30.000 photos.

Thanks to this simple but fantastic idea cocktail art has become a respected and followed the group so as to create small seminars throughout Italy that talk about how to exploit the potential of the web and social media and how through the history of the cocktail of vision cocktail art came to us



Low Abv Cocktails

Have you ever thought of not being able to use spirits within your bar? Me neither!

A new adventure in the Rotonda Bistro Milano took me to upset all my bases and my experience!

Restaurant located in a historic monument in 1700, alongside the museum of the child, which a proposed contract does not provide for bottles with alcohol over 21% abv.

A proposal extreme, where for months I studied alternative cocktail with liquor and products under 21% abv.

A unique experience, a thorough study of how to change the point of view through the history of the cocktail and the products that the market currently offers.

This Master is not just a story but encourages colleagues to stop a moment and understand that sometimes we all behind a bar facilitating our career choices.

Stimulates the development of new ideas and to understand that you never learn!

This Masterclass was already in over 60 cities all around the world.


The Artisan by Enoteca Pinchiorri Dubai

Consultant for the creation of the bar including all equipment since the opening.

Creation of the Cocktail List including the hand-drawn menu and signed by Diego Ferrari

This year, after only 11 months, The Artisan won the prize Best Italian Restaurant in Dubai

The Book

Author: Diego Ferrari

Editor: Bibliotheca Culinaria

Photo: Pasquale Formisano

Low Alcohol Cocktails - New Frontier in Mixology

World Best Book Gourmand International Awards Macau 2019